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You are so much more than your fears!


Welcome to the magic of being a mom!

The unexpected turns that my life has repeatedly taken as a mother of four children, a midwife working online abroad and now at the side of my Turkish husband have shown me that life cannot be planned.

But even if everything turns out differently than expected, there is one person we always have an influence on - ourselves!

No matter how hard the pressure of expectations from our surroundings and how hurtful the disappointments of our fellow human beings, we are always able to shape our lives according to our knowledge, our experiences, wishes and dreams.

And this is how I support you as a woman and a mother from the bottom of my heart!

Online midwife

When I was five years old, two special events coincided. My little sister was born and the sister of my best friend became a midwife. My fascination with pregnancy and childbirth was awakened and I knew exactly what job I would learn one day.

At the age of 16 I was finally old enough to do internships in the delivery room and used my school holidays to be very close to women giving birth and their babies until, after graduating from high school and a year as an AuPair in Paris, I was finally allowed to attend the midwifery school in the south of Germany.

I am now almost 36 years old, have had four children myself

and still cannot imagine a more fascinating profession.

Two outpatient hospital births with my son and my eldest daughter in southern Germany, an unassisted sea birth in Thailand with my second daughter and an unassisted birth in Cyprus with my youngest daughter have taught me that every child is incredibly sensitive and shows its own character during birth.

I believe that every baby teaches us mums from the very beginning that unpredictability, ambivalence, love, pain and fate can perhaps push us far beyond the limits of our perceived resilience, but that these processes, like birth waves, are never against us, but rather working with and for us and helping us from the depths to grow beyond ourselves over and over again.

Good and bad experiences make us the women we are today and it is our choice whether we let trauma, manipulation and pressure make us small in the long term or whether we use all knowledge to unleash our power and femininity in loving and trusting ourselves.

Dare to be yourself!

As a woman and as a mom(to be)!

Strenght does not come from physical capacity

it comes from an indomitable will.

(Mahatma Gandhi)


8 weeks of personal support
for a healing birth experience

With course certificate for the health insurance company


For mothers who want to talk to a midwife about the last birth experience and better understand what happened.

Includes personal WhatsApp consultation by midwife Lara

Unassisted seabirth in Thailand
My unassisted seabirth

In 2016 I gave birth to my third child in an unassisted sea birth in the Gulf of Thailand.

Here you can find the whole story and my statement on the subject of "free choice of place of birth"


Fear free hombirth

When I think back to the course, I feel great joy and gratitude. It was such a beautiful journey with Lara and the other course women. So much support, knowledge transfer and personal development. And at the end of this journey I experienced a self-determined, fearless, painless, beautiful and gentle home birth. Because I had dealt with my personal issues beforehand and because I had a lot of knowledge about the birth, I had full confidence in myself, in my baby and in the entire process, and simply followed my intuition during the birth. I couldn\'t have imagined a better birth!


There is no reason any more to feel insecure about giving birth

I am impressed by Lara\'s seemingly endless competence in relation to all areas related to pregnancy and childbirth. I feel incredibly well prepared and particularly safe in the course of a birth, so that I can stand up for myself, know what\'s going on, don\'t need to be unsettled, because there\'s simply no reason for that anymore.

Lara\'s continuous presence in the WhatsApp group and also in the personal WhatsApp conversations deserves special mention. Lara responded in a detailed, concise, science-based and timely manner. We were even able to address incredibly personal issues with the course women. I was able to trust her with the confidence that I was okay just the way I am and felt seen and heard.

I can only say \\\"thank you\\\" from the bottom of my heart for this enriching time. I will miss the Sunday hours very much.


This was just what I needed to prepare for the birth!

Dear Lara, you have created something completely new with this online course and in an incredibly professional, competent, but above all sensitive, loving and reflective way! Thank you for your passion, what is in the modules and all the work in the background! Your open and radiant manner was always constructive and pleasant. I am really excited about the course and the modules! You prepared and selected everything so conscientiously! Thank you! This was just what I needed to prepare for the birth! I am so happy about the course! 1000 thanks!

Childbirth preparation PREGNANCY

Without security and trust, a self-determined birth is hardly possible

The course was so much more than just working through my fears! Lara gave me so much valuable knowledge, tools and options for childbirth as well as security and trust, without which a self-determined (and intervention-free) birth is very difficult in my opinion. I am sincerely grateful to Lara for passing on and sharing her valuable knowledge, her diverse experiences and her impartial openness towards every single woman!

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