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Would you like to

better understand what happened in the last birth?

have all technical terms, abbreviations, medications and interventions explained?

close memory gaps?

use the findings from the last birth for processing?

talk to a midwife?

reduce the risk for retraumatization?

Life is lived forward and understood backward.


Image for This is how the birth record review goes

This is how the birth record review goes

Once you've signed up, you'll get access to the members' area

You can upload your documents directly there after you have logged in

Within a week I'll go through all your documents with you

I will explain all the details to you and help you, if necessary, to better understand cascades of intervention

I look forward to

going through the birth of your baby with you!


You need the following documents

Ongoing, mostly handwritten documentation by the midwife

from admission to the clinic

if necessary, the so-called partogram, if this ready-made documentation sheet

was used in the clinic of your choice

the CTG of the last half hour

if necessary, operation report of the caesarean section

the medical discharge letter

the last page of the maternity record documentation